Robbinsville NJ

Robbinsville NJ

November 9, 2022

The land in the Robbinsville area used to belong to the Lenape Indians. They had lived here for centuries before the Europeans arrived. When the first settlers started moving into the area, they didn’t know about the Lenape. They thought that the Lenape owned the land. So the settlers began farming the land, and that’s how the Lenape were displaced from this land. The Lenape Indians lived in this area until the mid-18th century. When the English came to New Jersey, they needed land to settle. So the Lenape were forced to move to the interior of New Jersey. Most of them died off because they couldn’t handle the cold weather and they had no food. So when the Lenape Indians died off, the settlers started taking over the land and they began to farm it.

In 1702, the General Assembly of the Province of New Jersey granted a charter to the East Jersey Board of Proprietors, which was formed in 1698 and chartered in 1702. Its purpose was to develop and sell land in eastern New Jersey to people from Great Britain. The new charter granted the board the power to regulate all aspects of the colony, including establishing a military force and raising taxes. The colony was originally governed by three proprietors: William Penn, George Crofts and Thomas Bray, each having one-third ownership. Each proprietor’s share was equal to all the land he owned, so his share was a total of ¼ of all the land in the colony. 

 The first European to make his home in the area was Robert Burnet, a Scottish Quaker, who arrived at the beginning of the eighteenth century.

Many of our ancestors lived in Robbinsville NJ  long ago. The first white settlers arrived in the late 1700s. They named this area “Robbinsville” because of the many small houses or “robs” that they saw in the area. The name “Robbinsville” was used until 1807. At that time, a town called Assumpink was established. Then, in 1825, a new town was established in this area. It was called Washington Township and it was later renamed Robbinsville Township. People from other towns and cities began to move into the Robbinsville area. As more people moved here, there were many changes in this area.

Robbinsville is located in Mercer County, New Jersey, United States. The population of Robbinsville NJ is about 13,500. The first settlers arrived in the area in 1740. They were farmers who came from England. The town was founded in 1825 and it is named after John Robbins. During the 19th century, many Irish immigrants came here and they settled in this area. In the 20th century, the Irish were joined by other immigrants such as Italians, Germans and Jews. The Italian immigrants worked on the farms and the Jewish immigrants worked in the businesses in Robbinsville. Today, the largest immigrant group in the city is Asian. They come from China, Korea, India and Pakistan.

The area is about 15 miles north of the city of Trenton. There are also several parks in the Robbinsville area. Some of these include the Robbinsville Riverfront Park, the Assumpink Creek State Park, and the Cedar Brook State Park. There are also four golf courses in the Robbinsville area. The Robbinsville area is also home to several retail stores. There are grocery stores, shopping malls, pharmacies, and banks.

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