Sump Pump Service Lawrenceville

Discover the top 6 must-know tips to keep your sump pump system running smoothly.

  1. Test your sump pump regularly. How? Pour a pail of water into the sump hole to turn it on. The pump should turn on, remove the water from the pit and shut itself off in a matter of seconds. Also, make sure the float and the check valve move quickly.
  2. While you’re at it be sure to remove any other material left behind, similar to grease or other solid material. A wet/ dry shop vac works well for this.
  3. Give it a good once over. Clean out your sump hole periodically to remove dirt, smut, shale, and other debris to increase the pump’s working order and extend its life. Make sure that the release line opening is free of any blockages so that water can go through the line and out of your basement or grotto.
  4. Back it up. However, frequent power outages or if your primary sump pump fails, it’s good to have a battery backup if your home gets a power outage for an extended period. There are a couple of different kinds. One uses a marine-grade battery that can power it for over 12 hours.

Others use water pressure from your home’s water line to force water out of your sump pump hole. Realize that nothing lasts ever. Like anything else, Sump Pump Service Lawrenceville wears out over a period of time and will need to be replaced.

  1. Read your manual and learn how your sump pump works. Give us a call if your pump isn’t working as it should. Knowing your system inside out will help you save damage to your home and stay away from “ emergency situations.”
  2. Installing a battery backup alarm system will warn you when the pump stops working during a power outage.

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