West Windsor NJ

West Windsor NJ

November 10, 2022

West Windsor Township NJ  was founded in 1693. It was named after West Windsor, England. West Windsor is a borough located in Middlesex County, New Jersey, United States. West Windsor was incorporated as a borough by an act of the New Jersey Legislature on March 14, 1894, from portions of Woodbridge Township. West Windsor is part of the North Brunswick-South River Regional School District. 

West Windsor Township has many interesting places to visit. Many people like to visit historical places like Fort Lee, which was originally constructed by the Dutch. It is located near the border of West Windsor and Hightstown. There is also Fort Lee National Historic Site, which was the site of the Battle of Fort Lee. It was here where General George Washington defeated the British troops. The battle took place in 1776, during the Revolutionary War. The last major battle that was fought at the site was the Battle of Fort Washington. This was a battle that was fought in 1777. The American soldiers lost the battle.  

If you enjoy visiting historical places, you may want to visit Fort Lee. The fort was built during the Revolutionary War. The fort was originally located near the town of West Windsor, NJ . It is a National Historic Site and one of the oldest forts in the state. The fort was first built by the Dutch in 1656. The fort was destroyed in the French and Indian War in 1757. The fort was later rebuilt and was in use until the early 20th century. During the Revolutionary War, the fort was the site of the Battle of Fort Lee. The fort was used to protect the Hudson River. It was located between the states of New York and New Jersey. This battle took place in 1776. 

Many people love history. If you are one of those people, you will be excited to learn about the history of Fort Lee. Fort Lee was first constructed by the Dutch in 1664. It was located on the banks of the Raritan River. The fort was originally named Fort Amsterdam. It was renamed after General William Livingston, who was the governor of New Jersey at the time. This is where the Battle of Fort Lee took place. The British troops were trying to capture the fort. However, they were defeated. This is because General George Washington had his troops stationed here. He wanted to prevent the British from attacking Trenton. In 1776, he defeated the British troops and won the war.

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